Toaster Oven Tech For Modern Kitchens

Breville large Smart OvenThe BOV800XL toaster oven by Breville is an outstanding countertop oven that will do all the thinking for you. How come? This device will cook your food properly at times thanks to its independent heating elements that adjust themselves automatically. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. In addition, this oven knows the ideal time and temperature that should be used for your food saving these numbers for a future use. If you want to make delicious cookies, roast succulent meat and bake perfect pizza, then this is the oven for you.  Gouverneur Times convection oven ratings have the BOV800XL ranked as the best toaster oven of the year as owner satisfaction for this powerhouse oven is extremely high.  It is perhaps the most modern model that you can buy.

Fast Cooking

If you want to cook your food really fast, you can use the convection option, which speeds your cooking time by up to 30%. Not only is this oven fast, but also can distribute heat evenly throughout its interior changing the heat distribution so that different foods can be prepared quickly and easily. In addition, you will be able to choose the right setting for the type of food you are going to cook. Cooking has the flexibility you want thanks to this oven, as you can adjust its heating elements whenever you need to.

Easy Cooking

Cooking has never been easier as you will be able to use the right settings for your food. You can customize settings according to your personal taste, recipe, and volume of food. These settings will remain in the machine’s memory till you turn it off. In addition, this oven has been constructed from high quality, durable materials ensuring your total satisfaction down the road. For instance, reinforced stainless steel has been used to house this oven, which is an important feature.

More Even Heating

Since the cooking elements are made of quartz, you will get the even heating you want as the oven can respond quickly to any heat change. Cleaning this smart oven is a cinch as its interior has been coated with a special material that can endure high temperatures. The drip/crumb tray makes the cleaning process easier because it can be accessed from the oven’s front. You will not burn your hands because this oven has been designed with this in mind, and food is very easy to remove here.

Fast Performance

top convection oven 2016It has been designed in such a way that you can cook any meal in a hurry without any issues, which translates in less energy consumed with a cooler kitchen. In addition, this oven is sleek and beautiful functioning very well at all times. In fact, this oven is visually appealing and stylish and has been engineered very well. The functionality of this machine has been very well thought out, and you will note this fact upon unpacking the unit. In fact, this oven is very easy to use featuring a huge capacity.

Should I buy the BOV800XL Smart Oven?

This oven can heat fast and even more evenly than many of its competitors, and is sold at an affordable price. Users can change the wattage and adjust certain elements at ease, which is something that makes this oven stand out. The stainless assembly and finish is made of high quality materials too. In addition, its control knobs and oversized handle give this oven a feel of high quality right out of the box. Though there may be a slight learning curve to deal with this machine, you will get what you want in no time. This cooker is both large and fast and it is perfect to experiment with tasty toaster oven recipes.


– Convection toaster oven with nonstick interior.
– Element IQ technology that allows users to get control over heat.
– User-friendly control panel.
– Auto-eject wire rack.
– Removable crumb tray.


– You will not have to worry about anything burning on this oven, as the machine knows what to do in these cases.
– The oven will work flawlessly for you at all times in a wide range of settings.
– There is an outstanding customer support service behind this oven, and you wil love it.


– This oven’s lower quartz elements might stop working for all functions.
– It should have an extra wire rack.


With a sleek design and powerful, accurate performance, the BOV800XL Smart Oven is designed to provide years of reliable performance in your kitchen. You will love the fact that this oven is very easy to use cooking food fast and deliciously at all times.  This is a high end convection countertop oven that will definitely make you the envy of all of your friends.

Child Car Seat Tech For The Ultimate Protection


Child safety seat technology in 2016

As parents, we often spare no expense to find the latest and greatest technology to protect our children. They are the most important people in our lives and their safety is always our utmost concern. Luckily today’s care seat tech offers some wonderful choices for the ultimate protection of our precious cargo.  This is the case with the Radian RXT from Diono. A number of parents have this ranked as one of the best seats that they have ever owned for a number of reasons. With a host of safety features and high end comfort, this is something that both you and your child can benefit from for years to come. Take some of the worry out of driving knowing that your little one is strapped into something that will protect them in the event of an accident. Let’s see what the Radian RXT has to offer parents.


This particular model can be the only car seat that you’ll ever need. You will manage to seat a rear-facing kid between 5 and 45 pounds easily. The device can also become a five-point harness for forward-facing kids between 20 and 80 pounds. Furthermore, you can turn this car seat into a booster for any child up to 120 pounds. The harness of this item absorbs a lot of energy thanks to a special technology. Adjustable head support, reinforced sidewalls, and a steel alloy frame provide the safety and support your kids need. EPS foam will give your child tons of side impact protection around the whole body.

Easy Installation

With strong protection against accidents and easy installation, the Radian RXT gets high marks from parents for its usability. This item makes for easy child boarding as it can sit low on your vehicle. This car seat has all the extra room your kid needs thanks to its longer seat bottom. The expandable sides will give a kid tons of comfort too. Your children will have tons of fun on this car seat as they will be able to use up to four cup holders. If you’re looking for a car seat that offers convenience, safety and comfort, this would be a great option. This item if very easy to travel with as it can fold flat quiet fast.

Top-notch Safety Features

As this car seat has full steel frame, your kids will get the kind of protection they deserve. Moreover, this device will disseminate any crash force away from your kid as soon as possible. By meeting the important NCAP standard, this car seat can provide a lot of protection in any severe car crash out there. When we say that this item will last for a long time we mean it, as the Radian has a lifespan of 10 years. The device will adapt to your kid’s growth rate, and it will keep its safety features intact.

Slim Profile

This safety seat also features a slim profile. Your child will fit right into this car seat thanks to its reinforced head rest that provides twelve height settings. You can even use this item on any airplane as it is approved by the FAA. Since the seat cover is washable, this item provides any child with tons of convenience.

Great Investment

A child restraint seat can be a significant investment so you want something that is durable and can last for many years. The Radian RXT has proven itself over the years which is just one of the reasons that it has scored so well with parents. You can purchase this model knowing that it will stand the test of time and will be something that your child can use as they grow.


– This car seat’s wings will support your kiddo’s head quite well when he’s sleeping.
– This item is also very easy to clean and has a truly nice color.
– The shoulder pads are very shoft and nice.
– The clips are made of a high quality material.
– Your kid will not feel boxed while sat on this car seat.
– A child can easily reach anything that drops near this seat.


– You might have a hard time figuring out the way to tie the strap the right way.
– Installing the seat might not be quite easy for you.


This Diono convertible car seat is the comfortable, easy to use car seat your kids will love. As the item has outstanding safety features and comfort, you’ll have the peace of mind you want. If you’re looking for a child seat featuring astonishing versatility and shoulder protection, then this model would be a wonderful option. It is a little pricey, but it is well worth it and the different style options really make this a head turner.

Exercise Tech For New Parents

joggingAs new parents you find yourself running all over the house looking after your small child, but there is actually a better way to run and it is something that your little one will actually enjoy. Jogging strollers are a terrific way to get yourself back into shape after having a child and it is something that more parents are starting to get into. There are a number of benefits to using one of these. You can stay fit, get out of the house, take your children with you and save on babysitting, expose them to the outside world and give them a fun adventure that they will look forward to every day, and reduce your stress by getting some well deserved exercise. While these types of strollers are an added expensive and can get quite pricey, they are also well worth the investment.

The right equipment always makes a huge difference, and one of the top makers renowned for their jogging strollers is BOB. They make some of the most durable models that are perfect for rough or easy terrain. They are safe, reliable, easy to store, and provide a comfortable ride for kids of just about any size. If want to get the best running stroller available then any of the options in the BOB line of joggers would be an excellent choice. Below are just three of their top rated strollers and why they are so loved by active parents around the globe.

Revolution Flex

There are several unique and exciting features that set the BOB Revolution Flex apart. One thing to keep in mind is your height and the height of everyone who might be jogging with the full stroller. Because of that you will enjoy the benefit of this advanced stroller designed specifically for jogging. One great feature to give you an idea of the thought that went into this option is an adjustable nine-position handle bar. The key to relaxing while jogging is keeping your elbows in and relaxing the shoulders. This is exactly where the idea for this great feature comes from. You’ll still need to use the stroller unless you are planning to jog around the house and in store. Because of that you’ll enjoy using the feature that allows the front wheel to lock forward and swivel for both uses. Just like your favorite running shoes.

BOB Revolution SE

Just like on a car or even your favorite running shoes, cushion matters. In picking anything with wheels you’ll need first to understand that the only cushion you will have is the tires that separate the construction from the road. Just like off-road tires the bigger you inflate the tires the more surfaces you can comfortably travel across. With that in mind take a look at the BOB Revolution SE. Boasting large tires that are inflatable you will notice the difference when you jog with it. The difference you may have experienced is the hard plastic molded tires or other material like on a shopping cart. You feel everything. Like a car with bad shocks. In contrast to be useful inflatable tires will make the ride not only more comfortable but more stable. This is a great option to find that. Another option for convenience of use is the benefit of being collapsible to fit on buses, in trunks, or backseats.

Revolution Pro

With the BOB Revolution Pro you will also benefit from the convenient easy adjust handlebar. What are you gonna need on the jog? What weather are you gonna be jogging in? How long are you going to be out? What type of snacks does your passenger need? What type of snacks do you need? The reason I point this out is because you don’t want to get stuck without adequate storage. Jogging with a backpack can be rough and with the BOB Revolution Pro it can be avoided. This model boasts ample storage room. But the thing to consider is that the heavier you load the stroller the more you need to consider how you will stop it. Especially jogging down hill. The way this model solves that issue is with as a brake that is hand activated like on a mountain bike. This stroller is also solid which makes it more comfortable for your passenger and more durable and desirable for repeated use.

BOB has an extensive line of strollers designed for active parents and these are just three of our favorites, especially if you like to go off road. We cannot say enough good things about these joggers, and our experience with them has been nothing short of spectacular. Running has many proven benefits, and new moms should really take advantage when they can. This is why we always recommend these for anyone looking to get themselves out of the house and back into shape.

The Omega NC800 HDS Delivers The Ultimate Juicing Tech

NC800-JuicerThere is nothing so fulfilling like drinking juice directly extracted from raw green leafy vegetables. This is one sure way of ensuring you have taken nutrients by bulk without overwhelming your digestive system. The Omega NC800 is the 6th generation of masticating juicer made by Omega. Omega is one of the most renowned juicer makers in the world. According to Omega, this brand of juicer comes with a lot of improvements that are going to take juicing to a whole new level. The Omega newest single gear masticating juicer extractor operates at a low speed of approximately 80RPM. It also has a 150-watt motor which often drives the solid auger made of GE Ultem materials. Such an auger gives you the privilege of juicing any fruit or vegetable no matter how hard they are. These new improvements have resulted in a machine that produces 12% more juice from the same amount of produce than the previous models. Below are some of the features of this juicing workhorse including its pros and cons and other recommendations.

Features Included in the Omega NC800

  • It has a low speed masticating juice extraction which runs at only 80RPM.
  • Just like the previous version of Omega, it also has a dual stage extraction process and can squeeze juice from leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.
  • It has the following dimensions: 14.5 by 6.5 by 15.5 and only weighs 20 pounds
  • This masticating juicer omes with a 15 year warranty which means that in case anything goes wrong within the warranty period, Omega is going to take care of it at no cost for a period of up to 15 years.
  • The NC800 has three pasta nozzles which are an adjustable nozzle, a pasta nozzle and a bread stick nozzle. It also comes with a screen for the juice and another screen for the solid food.
  • It makes use of 110 volts at 60 Hz and is set with 3 pronged grounded cords.
  • Just like the other Omega juicers, it makes use of a gear reduction motor which is equivalent to 2HP that spins the auger at 80rpm
  • Has a black plate which helps you to make healthy all natural sorbets nut butter and baby food.
  • Providing excellent versatility, it is also capable of grinding coffee, nuts to make butter among many other things.

This latest generation masticating juice extractor has been very popular with owners and that is reflected in customer feedback. Veggie Files has an excellent review of the Omega NC800 that explains some of the aspects of this juicer that users find so appealing and helpful. Some of these include:


Produce the highest yield possible

Omega NC800 extracts 25% more juice compared to the 8004 which is perfect given the fact that 8004 was already popular for being one of the best green leafy extractors in the market today. One of the key players to bring the above difference was the bigger juicing screen and the adjustable end cap. The larger screen lets more juice to flow through and at the same time, the adjustable end cap gives you the opportunity to squeeze more juice from the greens.

Easier to clean

It will take you 3- 5 minutes to clean the machine completely. The Omega NC800 has the auger, juice screen, drum and hopper which are easier to assemble and take apart compared to a vertical style auger juicer such as Hurom HU-100. The auger and the screen are also narrow and lack recess points where pulp can get and get stuck.

Has a long warranty

The Omega NC800 has a 15 year warranty which is enough for you to use before purchasing another juicer.

Fairly quiet

Unlike other types of juicers, the Omega NC800 is fairly quiet and you will realize this when you start using it.

BPA free

Even though this is not included in their product description, I made a follow up and they confirmed that the Omega NC800 is BPA free.

Longer juice storage

Given the fact that this is a slow juicer which rotates at a slow 80rpm, it does not produce too much heat and introduce oxygen to your juice. You are also able same time store this juice for a period of up to 72 hours in a refrigerator. In order to get the best results, always ensure you store the juice in a glass container such as a mason jar and over fill it so that it does not have any air packets inside which can oxidize the juice.



Even though the slow juicing mechanism has a number of advantages, the record still remains that it is slow than other juicers.

Pre-cutting Veggies

This juicer has the widest of any of the Omega Horizontal masticating juicers meaning that less produce needs to be cut to fit into the feed chute. However, when you use produce with long fibers, they will still need to be diced otherwise the long fibers will wind around the slow auger ending up clogging it.

Final Verdict

Even though it is not the cheapest juicer available, the Omega NC800 gives you extreme value for the money.  The added improvements to this line has really made almost the perfect juicing machine.  A wider feed chute really comes in handy and helps save time, which is something that every slow juicer could benefit from.  This masticating juice extractor represents a significant advance in juicing tech and is something that can provide you with years of reliable juicing.