Child Car Seat Tech For The Ultimate Protection


Child safety seat technology in 2016

As parents, we often spare no expense to find the latest and greatest technology to protect our children. They are the most important people in our lives and their safety is always our utmost concern. Luckily today’s care seat tech offers some wonderful choices for the ultimate protection of our precious cargo.  This is the case with the Radian RXT from Diono. A number of parents have this ranked as one of the best seats that they have ever owned for a number of reasons. With a host of safety features and high end comfort, this is something that both you and your child can benefit from for years to come. Take some of the worry out of driving knowing that your little one is strapped into something that will protect them in the event of an accident. Let’s see what the Radian RXT has to offer parents.


This particular model can be the only car seat that you’ll ever need. You will manage to seat a rear-facing kid between 5 and 45 pounds easily. The device can also become a five-point harness for forward-facing kids between 20 and 80 pounds. Furthermore, you can turn this car seat into a booster for any child up to 120 pounds. The harness of this item absorbs a lot of energy thanks to a special technology. Adjustable head support, reinforced sidewalls, and a steel alloy frame provide the safety and support your kids need. EPS foam will give your child tons of side impact protection around the whole body.

Easy Installation

With strong protection against accidents and easy installation, the Radian RXT gets high marks from parents for its usability. This item makes for easy child boarding as it can sit low on your vehicle. This car seat has all the extra room your kid needs thanks to its longer seat bottom. The expandable sides will give a kid tons of comfort too. Your children will have tons of fun on this car seat as they will be able to use up to four cup holders. If you’re looking for a car seat that offers convenience, safety and comfort, this would be a great option. This item if very easy to travel with as it can fold flat quiet fast.

Top-notch Safety Features

As this car seat has full steel frame, your kids will get the kind of protection they deserve. Moreover, this device will disseminate any crash force away from your kid as soon as possible. By meeting the important NCAP standard, this car seat can provide a lot of protection in any severe car crash out there. When we say that this item will last for a long time we mean it, as the Radian has a lifespan of 10 years. The device will adapt to your kid’s growth rate, and it will keep its safety features intact.

Slim Profile

This safety seat also features a slim profile. Your child will fit right into this car seat thanks to its reinforced head rest that provides twelve height settings. You can even use this item on any airplane as it is approved by the FAA. Since the seat cover is washable, this item provides any child with tons of convenience.

Great Investment

A child restraint seat can be a significant investment so you want something that is durable and can last for many years. The Radian RXT has proven itself over the years which is just one of the reasons that it has scored so well with parents. You can purchase this model knowing that it will stand the test of time and will be something that your child can use as they grow.


– This car seat’s wings will support your kiddo’s head quite well when he’s sleeping.
– This item is also very easy to clean and has a truly nice color.
– The shoulder pads are very shoft and nice.
– The clips are made of a high quality material.
– Your kid will not feel boxed while sat on this car seat.
– A child can easily reach anything that drops near this seat.


– You might have a hard time figuring out the way to tie the strap the right way.
– Installing the seat might not be quite easy for you.


This Diono convertible car seat is the comfortable, easy to use car seat your kids will love. As the item has outstanding safety features and comfort, you’ll have the peace of mind you want. If you’re looking for a child seat featuring astonishing versatility and shoulder protection, then this model would be a wonderful option. It is a little pricey, but it is well worth it and the different style options really make this a head turner.